The polychromatic fractal round table…

This week I painted the five sectors with subsectors to emphasize the fact that every primary phase of the whole seems like the whole to those who live in it… also it’s colourful and stimulating – fractal is like nature and more beautiful than uniform blocks. .


And now…the 4phase Round Table

This is a big leap forward in the ergonomics of the 4phase process approach to meetings. Around this five-part table people can find their ‘home sector’ and really get how they fit with the other sectors in the process of creating new ideas, of coming to new mutual understandings and synergies.

Our grandsons shown here playing with the prototype sector ‘wands’… The sector tables may get imprinted with some graphics to represent four sub-phases within them – each phase is a process world to itself, with inputs and outputs, novelty and logic..

Alarm clock phasetimer with downloadable graphic

Here’s my latest graphic in the alarmclock I got on special for about $12. I added hours around the purple circle in case the clock is also wanted for use as a chronometer!

phasetimer 17 2 16

It only takes unscrewing the legs of this model and you can replace the face with a printed one as I did… I printed it on 250 gsm plain card , colour inkjet. Here’s the jpeg I printed it from in photoshop, using the print to a custom size option. in this case 105 mm. I used a leather punch to make the central hole – nice and neat. Use this, free, to make your own phasetimer!

fourphase clockface 17 2 16 copy




It makes sense – a desk phasetimer

I’m planning a new book – always a complex project! I want to use all I know to do this one efficiently – all the phases every hour, so the work is balanced. A little phasetimer clock right beside me makes more sense than a big one on the wall or set into the desk. Introducing the phasetimer alarm clock! Prototype $13 from Briscoes on special – nice quiet one with sweep motion second hand. Printed to size, inkjet on 250 gsm card, the original clock face pulled off the contact tape, phasetimer cut out and stuck on. Reassembled, and now ready to time my creative hours…

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It goes with a new wall planner I’ve built with iron oxide paint on surface so I can stick movable pieces of magnetic sheet onto it, building up a whole book structure… this is the ‘flow rainbow’ revisited – see this post in my  A Magnetic Book Planner

Phasetimer revised for beauty & clarity

Just when I thought it was safe to say ‘done!’ I suddenly thought: the bands should be reversed so the smaller divisions go to the outside, like on a ‘normal’ clock… Like this:

fourphase clockface 05 10 15 copy

I also refined the wording around the perimeter – hopefully a clear quick reference for the meaning of each phase…  Like it?? 🙂  Download image and use if you want… Instruction manuals to come! Oh, and the card:

4phasecard black 1229  05 10 15

The Giver: a film for card-carrying polychromes

My card as of today:

4phasecard dark blue 04 10 15

Last night we watched The Giver (see the trailer here:, about a society which had traded colour and true feelings for safety and sameness – and a boy and his mentor (the Giver) who gave them it all back. It’s the kind of movie that can give you an altered state and change your perceptions of the world, and therefore your conceptions. I thought, the world is a different place to the one who sees the colours of the creative process, which is going on all around us but our fear and negativity and resignation blind us to it and we think everything is the same, nothing can really change or be improved, nothing is so great that it justifies the suffering of life…

As Zarathustra says to the prophet of the great weariness, ‘There ARE still Blessed Isles!’ I look forward to helping myself and others to go there – and stay!

Phasetimers with two levels – free graphic within!


This is my latest (04 10 15 ) Phasetimer prototype (white frame because shop had no black), with an inner band for timing shorter cycles of four phases – fifteen minutes to go through a cycle, or 3.75 minutes per phase. This is for quick processing a question – also can be used to go through four cycles in an hour…iterations are of course all part of process and evolution.

For the ‘early adopters, should there be any here (you know who you are!) here is a free jpeg of the timer face, for printing out (on say 200gsm card) and glue-sticking to the face of a wall clock of your choice, so you can experiment with the timed 4phase method… The text around the edge gives you the basic idea of what you do in each phase. Alway start with phase 1 – though you can decide to be in a certain phase overall, then go through the cycle within that phase – ( as this two-level layout portrays, process is fractal). All I ask is, email me with ANY feedback you like (… Thanks, and enjoy the process! And click ‘follow’  on this blog so you get updates on the method and also the tools and literature… (Note 06 10 15: I changed the order of the layers – I think it looks better… I’ve added latest picture below this one:

fourphase clockface lines shorter 1246am 03 10 15 copy

fourphase clockface 05 10 15 copy

Use either one – let me know which you prefer… or any suggestions…

The 4phase clock is ticking

This is the $4 prototype of the 4phase clock, as i contemplated it in bed with doglets this morning. ..


The idea is that process is time-related and directional so why not practice that flow with a clock…? Over one hour you get a balance of activities. Later i think an individualised clock will have a different spread – though it is highly directional, process is different for different people in the relative amounts of each phase.

This relates to your own ‘process profile’ . A questionnaire – being worked on! – can discover it and quantify the proportions of each phase that suits you. There are profiling methods out there of course, though none i know of that have any kind of sequential process as focus. But Kathy Kolbe – – does a ‘conative’ profile which is very cool. The four colours are similar to the 4 phases if you swap the red and blue…just not process-related to each other.

My profile was a 9 for the green phase which in her system is called ‘Quick start’ ie innovation… and only a 2 or was it 3 in the red phase of ‘followthrough’. Hm… I agree with the Kolbe theory that you can’t change your profile much if at all so you need to find a vocation that fits your profile- not try and change your profile to fit your job. BUT in the 4phase theory once in a vocation that fits your profile, there can be a more even spread of phases WITHIN your overall mostly green or yellow or blue or red profile. Process is fractal (to be technical). So an avant garde artist living mostly in the green phase will normally still do lots of red phase work- following through the initial sketch to a finished work. So his or her green process clock (phase clock?) could still be evenly spread between the four colours… to an outsider of course everything she did would look green-phase.

4phase – a new way to meet and co-create

I THINK I have a great new way to simply apply the living logic of process (which has been a major obsession for the twenty-odd (very odd, some would say!) years since I was writing my MA thesis ‘Process and Inquiry’ at Auckland University): live, 3D meetings! Shock, amazement, cries of ‘You, Peter? – no way!’

Yes way! (Well, small and intimate meetings, for a start…)

Here’s the first card I did the day after a certain fateful meeting (I always start a new movement with a logo, a name and a card, it’s just me):

4phasecard cream

It was at our ‘Blocked Artists’ group. We were looking at goals for the group – all three of us…:)  I tried to describe an ideal format for our meetings. It just came out, the four phase meeting format for a balanced peaceful creative time for everyone, whether they want nurturing and support or brainstorming or critique and comments or action and activism… The other two artists urged me to start another group for this and open it to anyone who is interested. So – I am! And I hope I can tap into all the positive psychology and mindfulness and other psychology Raewyn has been doing, for a wonderful balanced experience to be had by all who come to the table…  And the art – this is art to me – the sacred forms and colours of life in process, the words of beauty…

So what is 4phase going to be exactly? Well, a kind of round table group or workshop with a (literal) round table in four colours, and a clock in four colours, so we go through the four phases in turn in whatever we are talking about (the topic for the week, perhaps. Possible ones are Finding your life purpose; getting on with difficult spouse/co-worker/child; monetising your passion; overcoming fears shyness, etc….). Hopefully it will be an amazingly safe and inclusive yet creative and challenging environment for co-creation, problem-solving, and fellowship.

What ARE the four phases? Ah, well that is the four million dollar question! ‘It’s all in my head’… (to quote Yahoo Serious in the Young Einstein). But seriously – of course I am going to try to answer that question simply in this website, though it is best answered by experiencing the four phases in action. The poetic short answer is the 4 phases are:

‘Love, Beauty, Truth and Freedom.’

A more nerdy one is

‘Input, Novelty, Reaction, and Output.’ 

So, if you have read this far, please do click on ‘follow this blog’ in the sidebar, and you will get email notifications, with the first few words, whenever I publish a new post (not that often I promise!). And if you happen to live in Gisborne, NZ, then consider coming to our place and trying our the 4phase round table with me. It’s free. You will be being a guineapig in the early days of this, but I guarantee it will be helpful, maybe even life-changing! And you will get the opportunity to be an early adopter in a genuinely ‘new new thing’!

For those of you who aren’t lucky 🙂 enough to live in Gisborne, I hope to offer some cool materials and free web resources soon. There are already some on – a free game to print out and try, etc. And if you want the hardware – 4phase round table, 4phase blackboard, 4phase clock, and diary and worksheet to come.. email me. Later there may be a proper ‘store’ but this is NZ, and the ‘personal touch’, so-called, is OK by me and hopefully you too!

Watch this space… oh and if you have any comments, thoughts, reactions, offers, comment in FB or here or email me, or even visit in 3D!