I’m Peter Harris, aka the ‘Wizard of Eutopia’. My personal blog is www.wizardofeutopia.com

I tend to post more on Facebook, in several pages including @Dreamspacegalleryandworkshops

This blog, 4phase, is dedicated to harnessing the living logic of process which I’ve studied and thought about and tried to articulate for about twenty years (including in my philosophy MA thesis in 1995). This time it’s stripped to the essentials, and applied to real-time meetings first, before I make any more iterations of the process game I call Qor (see www.qor.co.nz). I am hoping to personally meet with people and apply it to whatever they want… maybe to have an ongoing group of us meeting and co-creating our lives. That would be fun!

If you want to try the 4phase way, meet me here in Gisborne (see the menu for the venues and times) or if that isn’t possible ring me, or email me. Wizardofeutopia at gmail.com.


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